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CKCalendar: an iOS calendar with dead simple customization

July 13, 2012 | Jason Kozemczak

I released my first stab at a calendar widget; it’s available on github. The widget is built to work well on iPhone and iPad. On iPhone, the calendar could be presented modally as a date picker for example. A use case on the iPhone might be to host the calendar in a UIPopoverViewController to use as a date picker. The calendar might also be useful as an on-screen widget on an iPad.

Here’s a quick screenshot with the out-of-the-box styling (note that the previous/next month buttons are awaiting styling):

CKCalendar iOS calendar with default styling

Credit goes to my coworker John Anderson for the default theme. Thanks John!

Future plans include further customization of the control, as well as pre-built UIPopoverViewController for iPad apps to easily integrate the tool. Currently, the next/back buttons need some additional work, but I should have that cleaned up by the weekend.

The control is licensed as MIT (with attribution), so feel free to use however you see fit. I welcome link-backs as a sign of appreciation! Enjoy!

Get the CKCalendar iOS control on Github.

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